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About energie-update.de
Integrating renewables in the supply system

Successful system integration of renewables requires strong expertise of policy makers, the media and market players. This expertise still has to be built up. Energie-update.de addresses this need, aiming at a better understanding of the upcoming next phase of the energy transition by using plain wording and strong imagery. Issues will be explained through exemplary best practice. The project will in particular pay attention to the role of bioenergy as a flexible and storable energy carrier for the system integration of renewable energies. The project focuses on the question which tasks in particular bioenergy will take over on future energy markets while the share of variable renewables keeps increasing. Moreover, the project shall showcase which business models allow for an optimised integration of bioenergy installations into the energy supply system of the future.

About the Renewable Energies Agency

The Renewable Energies Agency provides advocacy for the „Energiewende“. The task of the agency is to communicate the most important advantages of a sustainable energy supply on the basis of renewable energy. Above all, these are: Security of supply, innovations, increase in employment, export potential, permanent cost-cutting power supply, climate protection and conservation of resources.

The Renewable Energies Agency is supported by companies and associations from the renewable energy sectors. The Renewable Energies Agency works on a cross-party and cross-society basis. Several of her communications projects are funded by the Federal Ministries of Economy and Agriculture.


Agentur für Erneuerbare Energien – Renewable Energies Agency
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